Credit Restoration

Information About Credit Restoration

Once you’ve completed bankruptcy proceedings, you may experience bad credit issues. Why? Because creditors often fail to report credit information consistent with debt forgiveness obtained in bankruptcy proceedings. Needless to say, this is a frustrating occurrence, but you can take action to help right this wrong.

It’s important to know that creditors and credit agencies are bound by laws that govern the reporting of credit information, and are required to:

  • Report correct credit information
  • Investigate credit information that has been disputed
  • Provide consumers with a broad array of credit score information, when requested
  • Desist from retaining negative credit information for an excessive period of time

If you feel that your credit has been damaged because of unfair reporting practices, it’s time to contact a professional Dallas bankruptcy attorney at Engel Law Firm. Our debt relief lawyers are familiar with the steps that must be taken to correct this wrong. I know which methods must be taken, and because I have relationships with entities in the industry, the process can move faster. Your lawyer will stay in touch with you, keep you updated and make sure that everything has been corrected.

Damaged credit can be fixed, just call Engel Law Firm, and speak to our attorney at Engel Law Firm.