Bright Side of Bankruptcy

Solutions to Your Debt Problems – The Bright Side of Bankruptcy

Despite the negative feelings associated with bankruptcy, there is a bright side to this particular choice. When you successfully file for, and are discharged from, bankruptcy, you emerge debt free and in the position to begin again.

Whether you file a Chapter 7, or Chapter 13, bankruptcy, Engel Law Firm moves to immediately stop creditors from contacting and harassing you. That means an end to threatening phone calls, the specter of wage garnishment and lawsuits. These developments are what we see as the positive side of bankruptcy.

Once debts are discharged through Chapter 7, you can re-establish your life and get what many people want, a fresh start. A Chapter 13 filing helps you restructure your payment plan, and be debt free in three to five years.

There is a bright side to bankruptcy, it’s a new beginning and the end of your stress about overwhelming debt. Contact the Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys at Engel Law Firm today and find out more.