Bankruptcy’s Automatic Stay

Do You Need a Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyer?

The moment you file bankruptcy, your creditors receive an automatic injunction – or automatic stay – that requires them to stop all types of collection. This happens as soon as the petition is filed, you don’t have to wait for the bankruptcy to be finalized.

Automatic stays are granted in all types of bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Think of an automatic stay as your first step on the road to financial recovery. You’ll also be getting a much-needed break from collections agencies and you can start to feel the weight of debt lift off your shoulders.

The Dallas bankruptcy attorneys at Engel Law Firm can teach you everything there is to know about how the automatic stay can help you. Working with an Engel Law Firm lawyer will bring an end to harassing phone calls and relief knowing that valuable possessions such as your car cannot be repossessed; your house cannot be foreclosed on; and garnishment of your wages and other benefits will end.

Don’t wait to find out about bankruptcy’s automatic stay, which can put an end to creditor harassment for good. Contact Engel Law Firm now for information about the automatic stay.