FAQ – What Is Needed to File for Bankruptcy?

What is Needed to File for Bankruptcy

One of the most frequently asked questions in Bankruptcy is œWhat paperwork should I bring to the meeting?  or œWhat is needed to file for bankruptcy?  I thought about giving you a long list of stuff on this page, but I thought better of it and decided not to do it. I know lists are cool. When Isee a list, Imentally head straight for it. It’s human nature to do it. I have to stop myself from doing it. The reason I stop myself from doing it is becauseI mightmiss out on the message, which is more important than the list.

Getting back to that question of what to bring to a first meeting, I tell everyone of our clientsto just bring themselves to our firstmeeting. Many lawyers won’t meet with a new client unless they bring a certain number of tax returns, sun tan lotion, dairy of their last five years, etc. These lawyersthink it saves time, and they are right. But it saves time for the lawyer, not for the client. When I tell our clients to bring themselves, most people aresurprised by this comment so I usually hear something in response like this: œWhat? No Tax Returns? No Pay Stubs? No copies of Credit Card bills?  My answer is the same: No, nope, and no we don’t need those statements yet. 

The reason is simple. Making the decision to file bankruptcy is the hardest part of the process. You don’t want to make it harder on yourself by trying to have all your œducks in a row  before you meet with us. We won’t know exactly what we need until we meet anyway. We may or may not need the credit card statements. We may or may not need pay stubs it can even vary by chapter. What to bring and when to bring it dependsupon the unique situation going on in your life. We can’t answer that without actually going through the process of finding out exactly what’s needed to file. Now ifyou still feel you need alist, we can send you one, but it won’t be the right list of what’s needed to file foryour situation.

When you’re ready to find out what the right list of documents are for you, contact our office at (214)377-0166 and setup appointment with our office. I’ll promise you that you’ll walk out of here with the precise list of what is needed to file for bankruptcy, custom tailored to your exact financial situation.