FAQ – Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

Today’s economy has made bankruptcy a viable solution for people struggling with debt and money problems. Rocketing interest rates, credit card purchases, lost jobs and medical emergencies create instant financial sinkholes.

If you are behind in your bills, facing foreclosure , repossession or other financial difficulties, bankruptcy can be a possible solution to your situation. Phone calls from creditors, letters and threats of legal action – no one wants to deal with these nuisances. The emotional effect on you and your family can be irreversible, but bankruptcy might provide you with the right solution if:

  • You are facing foreclosure on your home
  • Your car or other property is in danger of being repossessed
  • You are having trouble making credit card payments
  • You lost your job
  • You have incurred large medical bills
  • You are receiving harassing calls from creditors
  • Your wages are being garnished

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