FAQ – Does Filing Allow Me to Get Rid of All Debts?

Does Filing Bankruptcy Allow Me to Get Rid of All Debts?

Filing for bankruptcy provides relief to people struggling with debt and money issues. While it does provide you with a clean slate by expunging most of your debt, there are situations where bankruptcy isn’t a cure all.

For example, debt involving student loans, alimony repayments and taxes are not typically included in the discharges of the bankruptcy process. Remember that debts acquired after bankruptcy has been successfully completed will remain on the record. Debt relief handled correctly can provide lasting benefits, but if it’s botched by a non-professional, your troubles may continue – even grow!

At the Engel Law Firm our bankruptcy attorneys have collected years of experience in the field. The firm was established in 2004, and representatives have been providing supportive assistance to the financially distressed ever since. We understand that this is a scary and overwhelming situation for anyone to be in, so we make it our goal to cater to you with the ease and support needed to get through this.

No one type of situation will automatically rule out your possibility for help, whether you are facing foreclosure, collections, repossession or something else. We pride ourselves on providing you with the same care and professionalism that we would expect to receive, so you can rest assured that you are entrusting your money matters to professionals who have your best interests in mind.

There is no time like the present to take back your life and break free of your debt. Contact Engel Law Firm today to begin the process.