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Our number one focus is to help clients facing the burdens of debt, regain control over their lives. We help clients who are facing insurmountable debt or the possibility of losing their home or car. Our reward is, seeing the relief our clients experience when they get free from debt or help them turn the tide and prevent the loss of their home or car. When this happens, we get to see our client’s joy as they start getting a good night’s sleep since they are no longer facing loss of their assets. They regain control over their lives and literally start over right before our eyes.

We utilize a variety of tools to help our clients set up their path to a new financial future. These tools include debt litigation, debt settlement, student loan management including ending default, credit repair, and suing over zealous collection agencies through the FDCPA. We also help people file for bankruptcy relief through the bankruptcy code (as a federally designated debt relief agency).

What makes us different is how we combine all of these tools together to help people rebuild their lives. Using our unique approach, our bankruptcy clients obtain freedom from debt, as well as an improved credit score through our credit repair program after the whole process is complete. This enables our clients to plan for the future should they choose to later buy a home or other financed asset.

Our clients get started down this path right at their initial financial assessment consultation. After having their first financial assessment consultation, our clients walk out of that meeting with a plan to obtain a fresh start and a path to end their anxiety. No one is a bad person because they are in debt. You are here because you simply fell into a bad situation at no fault of your own. Our passion is getting you out of that mess. We’re here to help when you are ready.

If you are ready to free yourself of anxiety, fear, and worry. give us a call at (214)377-0166 to schedule an appointment today.