Debt Relief Options

Bankruptcy is one of a few ways to relieve high debt loads. If you want to avoid filing for bankruptcy in Dallas, there are other debt relief options:

  • Debt Negotiation – this method entails working creditors to obtain better payment terms, like lowered interest rates or a reduction of the principal amount.
  • Debt Settlement – because creditors want at least part of what’s owed, they may settle for a lump sum payment, which is considerably less than the total amount owed
  • Credit Counseling services are another option, but they do not look out for your best interests, and can charge high fees, which only add to your debt. It’s best to avoid this option.

The Dallas bankruptcy lawyers at Engel Law Firm is familiar with debt relief, and we can work with you on collections defense. In addition, we’ll stop creditor harassment. We’ve been helping people out for almost a decade, and acting as their counsel for navigating the perils of debt.

Our attorneys are backed by deep resources, including seasoned legal secretaries and paralegals. They form a team that will always be on your side, giving you the support and financial freedom you need. Financial hardship is tough to experience alone, we can be there for you.

Mounting debt, increased stress, and the constant worry are no way to live your life. Get relief by calling Engel Law Firm today.