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Our Democracy is under attack and it is not from whom you think it is.

    The mainstream media elite (or “press”) is an information business built upon trust.  The bedrock of the mainstream’s media’s trust from our society stem from two principles closely intertwined with each other:  the principle of objectivity (being unbiased) and the principle of credibility.  Unbiased means that you are dispassionate and objective.  Credible means […]

Foreclosure Tuesday in Texas

    What is Foreclosure?   Ever played monopoly until the end of the game? If you have, usually one of the players ends up mortgaging all their properties to pay for their stay in the exotic Hotels on Boardwalk or Park Place. In the game Monopoly, players can end up losing their improvements to […]

Bankruptcy Numbers Increasingly Include Older Americans

A generation of Americans in its golden years is being pushed into bankruptcy, and now comprises a widely expanding demographic. An approximate half million Americans above the age of 50 are estimated to have lost their homes to foreclosure between 2007 and 2011. In this category, the highest foreclosure rate was for persons above the […]


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