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Our Democracy is under attack and it is not from whom you think it is.

    The mainstream media elite (or “press”) is an information business built upon trust.  The bedrock of the mainstream’s media’s trust from our society stem from two principles closely intertwined with each other:  the principle of objectivity (being unbiased) and the principle of credibility.  Unbiased means that you are dispassionate and objective.  Credible means […]

How to save your car from the repo man and repossession

  Stopping the Repo Man If you’ve ever lost your job or fell behind on your bills, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  At first it’s a choice between the utility bill, groceries, and your car payment.  You choose to pay the car payment and the groceries hoping that you’ll get some overtime or […]

Improving your FICO Score and fixing your credit through bankruptcy

  FICO Score v Bankruptcy Ever heard that bankruptcy destroys your credit and kills your FICO score? Doesn’t bankruptcy destroy everyone’s credit? The short answer is no. I’m not claiming that bankruptcy always helps people’s credit. Of course that isn’t true–for example, if someone has a really high FICO score, like an 800, bankruptcy will […]

The Twin Towers of Bankruptcy That Empower you

  Twin Towers of Bankruptcy   If I were asked to explain bankruptcy in two words, my answer would be, “I need three words.”  What three words?  “Automatic Stay” and “Discharge”.  I like to think of them together as the Twin Towers of Bankruptcy.  These three words make up the two chief tools in Bankruptcy that […]

Foreclosure Tuesday in Texas

    What is Foreclosure?   Ever played monopoly until the end of the game? If you have, usually one of the players ends up mortgaging all their properties to pay for their stay in the exotic Hotels on Boardwalk or Park Place. In the game Monopoly, players can end up losing their improvements to […]

Will I lose my driver’s license if I file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy and Your Texas Driver’s License   Ever thought filing for bankruptcy means you lose your license? You’re aren’t alone. Many people mistakenly believe that they could lose their driver’s license if they filed for bankruptcy. Fortunately, the answer is no. You will not lose your driver’s license! In fact, bankruptcy has no negative impact […]

If living life is like a season, which season are you in?

Are you tired of the winter season running your life?   There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Winter is when things are cold. Winter is when we want to stay inside and keep warm. When winter ends, spring begins. Spring brings renewal for mother nature. Spring is a good […]


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